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Why should you switch to Solar?

Why Solar

Sustainable & free energy

Solar energy is an excellent alternative to unreliable and expensive grid. It not only helps you become self-reliant in terms of energy but is also a step in the direction of a sustainability.

Safe & Reliable.
Take control of your power production

Solar energy is a safe and reliable option for a solar-rich country like India. You take charge of power production and take control of your power bills.

Great savings & return on investment

Rising energy prices means partial replacement results in great savings. Project RoI could be between 12% and 20%+ depending on various factors.

How Solar Energy Works

Solar energy is the energy obtained from the sun. It is also commonly referred as solar radiation or solar heat. The transfer of solar energy is a process where solar energy is converted to other forms of energy, such as heat, electricity and other forms of radiation. The use of solar energy has become prevalent in recent years because it is clean, natural and reliable. In addition, many people have started using solar energy to power their homes and the environment.

Solar energy is abundant and reliable. The sun provides us with all the electricity we use every day. In addition, more than 20% of the total energy used in the United States comes from solar power. Furthermore, countries like China and India are investing heavily in solar power technology to meet their needs. The sun constantly gives us enough power to run all our electronic devices without any trouble.


Many people use solar energy to help offset the pollution caused by conventional sources. China and Germany are two countries that have implemented large-scale programs to use solar power for their electricity needs. In both cases, this helped reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions from coal plants. They are also replacing their fossil fuels with clean renewable sources like solar power. This has helped reduce global CO2 emissions, especially in major cities like Delhi and Beijing.

Furthermore, solar power aids in managing our natural resources. Certain areas don't have enough sunlight to produce usable amounts of solar energy. In these cases, they can use geothermal or biomass sources to power their needs. Solar power has also made it feasible for some regions to meet their electrical needs without using conventional sources. This includes desalinization powered by the sun to produce drinking water and direct food production using mirrors.

Solar power is an established source of clean, green energy that we use every day. Plus, it has plenty of applications outside of our homes with technology or alternative resources management. As we move forward with clean energy, it will be exciting to see what new applications we can use solar energy for!

350+ MWp executed

Across India, Middle-East & Africa

1000000+ kWh saved

Saving precious resources of earth!

13+ years experience

Ground-mount and rooftop solar ranging from 50 kWp to 25 MWp

SuryaMitrr is founded with a vision to serve the needs of all kinds of establishments which wish to go for solar power solutions. Your friend in your solar journey we aim to simplify your process to go solar. 

SuryaMitrr is an initiative of the Enerco Energy group which has a rich experience of 13+ years in solar energy serving reputed clients such as Reliance Industries, Aditya Birla Group, Vedanta, Ambuja Cement, Saint Gobain, Asian Paints to name a few.

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Our Services

SuryaMitrr is your friend in your solar energy journey. We make going solar easy, so you get the best quality solar energy solution at the most optimum price.


The industry is going at a rapid pace and that is good news for the sector. There are a lot of benefits to the industry and they seem to be growing as well. Most people are now looking into solar power as an option and they should because it can help them with their electricity needs. If you are looking to install solar panels on your home or business, then you have arrived at the right place.


We will help you with the complete installation process and get you the best deal.

The benefits of solar power are numerous. For one, it helps you avoid paying for electricity that you do not use through net-metering. This is a great way to save money and it is also good for the environment.

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What Our Happy Clients Say?

“We have commissioned 800+ kWp rooftop solar and planning for further expansion, it is a pleasure to recommend their work.”

MD, Netherlands based MNC

“The project was commissioned in a record time considering the site challenges. We are planning for further expansion with them”

COO, Leading auto-ancillary unit

“PR of 80% is achieved and of 2 MWp ground project was commissioned within committed timelines.”

Director, leading chemical company

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